How to Get Free Pokecoins in Pokémon go

free pokecoins

Pokémon is one of the modern day characters that kids will love to play. Free poke coins will be extremely rare commodities in Pokémon go. Poke coins will be a type of currency in Pokémon go. It will be used to purchase almost all of the items located in the shop with the exclusion of the poke coins themselves. The only way to earn free poke coins without using real money is by leaving a Pokémon at a gym to defend it.

Free poke coins in Pokémon go:

Buy them

The first way to get poke coins is to buy them. You will access this option in the shop that you will buy with coins. You will be saying that this will require to buying them and means it is not free.

  • You have to download Google opinion rewards.
  • Then open the app to get it started and you have to take a survey.
  • After than you can close the app and forget about it
  • Then go for hunting Pokémon as normal and you will receive the notifications to complete surveys in the app
  • Each survey will have a few minutes and you have to comprise of less than ten questions.
  • Answer all these questions honestly
  • Every time you complete the survey you will be given Google play credit that will spend on the play store to purchase.
  • This will accumulate the enough Google play credit to buy poke You will not be rolling in coins.


Taking Gyms:

The only way in game is to earn free poke coins will be taking and fortifying gyms.

  • Find a gym and take it down to put your Pokémon
  • For every 21 hours, you will get into the shop and cash in. You will get the number of poke coins that will be based on how many Pokémon you will have a gym.
  • At the top right corner of the shop, there will be a button to grab. You can press it for every 21 hours. You will not able to press the button when you will have zero gyms.
  • You will get 10 coins for every Pokémon you will have a gym. If you have five Pokémon on five gyms then you will earn 50 coins.

These are the two methods to get free pokecoins in Pokémon go.